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visual badania

Set of 5 gift cards (DIN A6) "@visualbadania meets Verdestino"

Set of 5 gift cards (DIN A6) "@visualbadania meets Verdestino"

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A beautiful selection with designs by Bárbara Niño. 

Her illustrations show her very personal view of Colombia. When we saw her self-portrait "Piña 'pa la niña" we fell in love with it. Grab a set of this exclusive edition of one-off gift cards.

  • 5 gift card set
  • Dimensions DIN A6 approx. 10.5 × 14.8 cm
  • Printed on eco-friendly paper
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The Art of Bárbara Niño - A Message of Decolonization and Solidarity

Welcome to the colorful world of Bárbara Niño gift cards. Immerse yourself in the colorful and inspiring art of the Colombian illustrator. Discover the diverse motifs, the exciting topics and the high quality of these gift cards in the practical DIN A6 postcard format.

What we particularly like about Bárbara Niño's illustrations:

Bárbara Niño - A creative force

Bárbara Niño is a wonderful illustrator who expresses her unique vision and artistic talent under the brand "visualbadania". With her art she wants to convey messages of decolonization, solidarity and empowerment of women as well as freedom of gender identity. Each motif tells a story and invites you to think about social issues.

Diverse motifs for every occasion - "Dentro de mi, dentro de nosotrxs"

The letter "x" as a substitute for
gender-specific suffixes such as "-o" or "-a" are part of a broader movement toward gender-sensitive language in Spanish-speaking countries.

This movement aims to use linguistic expressions that are inclusive of all genders and make no gender distinction.

Artistic works on environmentally friendly paper

Our gift cards are printed on high quality, eco-friendly paper. We attach great importance to sustainable production and environmentally friendly materials. Each card is crafted with great care to provide you with the highest quality product. The DIN A6 size enables easy handling and offers enough space for your personal messages.

The Bárbara Niño Gift Cards - An expression of beauty and meaning

Discover the works of Bárbara Niño now - order the gift cards from "visualbadania" and give your gifts a unique touch. Visit Bárbara on Instagram at @visual_badania and learn more about the talented illustrator. You can also find more information on the website .

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