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We offer you the opportunity to offer our world-class products in your online marketplace or brick-and-mortar store while making a positive social impact in Colombia.

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Would you like some "Purple Peace Powder" in your marketplace?

Our 100g packs are perfect for retail sale. Whether you have an online marketplace or retail store, our organic acai powder will delight your customers. Not only are you offering a high-quality product, you are also offering the opportunity to share the story behind our acai powder - a story of collaboration, sustainability and social change.

Or would you like to further process our organic acai powder, as a "Purple Peacebowl"?

As an ice cream shop owner, muesli manufacturer or café operator, you have the chance to offer your customers an extraordinary taste experience. Give your sundaes an exotic touch by using our organic acai powder. Your customers will be amazed by the fruity taste and the health-promoting properties. In addition, our organic acai powder is perfect for making high-quality muesli. Incorporate it into your muesli mixes to offer your customers a nutritious and flavorful breakfast option. By using our acai powder, you give your products additional value and differentiate yourself from the competition. Our organic acai powder is also an absolute must-have for smoothie bars, juice shops or restaurants that offer healthy bowls. Use it in your acai bowls, smoothies or fruit purees to offer your customers a unique taste experience. Our acai powder is rich in valuable nutrients that support a healthy lifestyle.

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Be part of our Verdestino family and make a difference. Contact us today and let's think together about how we can match your unique needs and requirements with our offer. Together we can not only increase your sales, but we can also achieve a positive social impact in Colombia.